What is the ovarian stimulation controlled?

The ovarian stimulation controlled is the first step to any assisted reproduction treatment, from a inseminated artificially, to in vitro fertilization. It is also necessary for those patients who want to freeze or vitrification their eggs for future use, also known as the preservation of fertility.

The goal of ovarian stimulation controlled is to achieve the maturation of several follicles at the same time, more than what naturally occurs in a cycle. With this we managed to increase the number of eggs that can be fertilized, subsequently, to increase the chance of a pregnancy or have more eggs to freeze.

How is ovarian stimulation in assisted reproduction treatment?

Ovarian stimulation in assisted reproduction treatments meant to mimic what happens in a normal menstrual cycle, but on a larger scale. Involves stimulating the ovaries giving certain hormonal medications (subcutaneous injections) to achieve the mature follicles of both ovaries so they produce a greater number of eggs. The dose, the duration, and the types of drugs that are used will depend on the particular case of each patient, for which the specialist analyzes the following:

  • Clinical history
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hormonal tests
  • Morphology of the ovaries
  • Body mass

Once you have discussed what is the technique that best applies to your case, start ovarian stimulation by following some steps:

  1. You will have your appointment delivery protocol, where you will explain the doses and schedules in which to apply each of your medications.
  2. This day, our nurse specializing in assisted reproduction, will give a talk so that you will understand very well how to apply the medication in a precise way. The correct application of your medication it is very important to get the results you want.
  3. You start the implementation of your drugs according to medical indication.

Will you come to appointments and follow-up on where you made ultra pelvic to check the response from your ovaries to the medication, and make adjustments if necessary.

In Latid Fertility Center we assist you in every step and we aim to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. If your dream is to become a mother, your dream is our mission.