Any time that you choose to carry out our project of motherhood you are going to have pros and cons. There is No perfect time for maternity/paternity goes hand in hand with doubt from the moment that we propose. If to this we add that we live in times unpredictable in where the normal is not so normal, the concern with regard to this decision becomes even more difficult.

Women in particular, we face a race against the biological clock. The perception of the company, as of ourselves, on the vital development of women, their age, their training, their professional lives and their decisions to start a family have changed a lot. What is certain is that today, the fertile age of the woman not corresponds with the age and social time in which many times, it appears the desire to be mothers.

A number of women today decide to embark on motherhood after 35 years, age in which our fertility begins to decline. So, What can we do? Do we have options?

For a long time the only option was to advance the maternity or not to have children. But we know that many times these are not viable options, whether for reasons of professional, social, and health, among others. Today in El Salvador IF we have options. The possibility of vitrifying (freeze) your eggs to preserve your fertility for the future, is now a reality that you can find in Latid Fertility Center.

What is the preservation of fertility?

The preservation of fertility is a technique that consists in the vitrification or freezing ultrafast your eggs to be used when you decide, with excellent survival outcomes oocyte as it can be preserve for many years.

What is the preservation of fertility?

  • Delaying the age to be a mother: The average age at which women nowadays decide to become mothers is delayed more and more. This affects the chances of achieving pregnancy due to the decline in the fertility of women above 30’35 years. If you don't want to be a mother yet, you can preserve your fertility to make sure that when you decide to form your family, you will have oocytes in a good state to get conceive.
  • Medical treatments and cancer: People who are going to receive some medical treatment that affects their fertility, as is the case of chemotherapy or radiation therapy in cancer patients, can be pre-freeze their eggs or sperm to ensure that in the future will be able to conceive after having overcome the disease.

Who are candidates for the preservation of fertility?

  • Anyone who wants to delay their motherhood.
  • Cancer patients prior to treatment gonadotoxicos.
  • Women who have received surgeries repetitive on the ovaries (Teratomas, Cistoadenomas...)
  • Women in clinical situations with risk of failure ovarico early.
  • Young women diagnosed with endometriosis severe.
  • Women with autoimmune diseases.
  • Women with a family history of early menopause.

When is the ideal time to vitrify eggs?

The sooner the better. The ideal is to freeze them before the age of 35 years, which is when our fertility is more robust, and our eggs are of a better quality. However, if you're older and you haven't preserved your fertility and you want to postpone your maternity, it is always best egg today than tomorrow, so that the ideal is that your case is analyzed by our specialist, Dr. Griselda Ramírez de Matamoros, to explore all your options.

How is the vitrification of eggs?

This technique involves 3 phases. It starts with the ovarian stimulation with hormonal drugs, with the aim of stimulating the ovaries to produce the maximum of oocytes in a safe manner. In Latid Fertility Center we monitor closely the follicular development with ultrasound newspapers. Once matured oocytes, we proceed to perform the follicular puncture in where you extracted the eggs directly from the ovaries. The puncture is made in our operating room specialist annex to the embryology laboratory, especially designed for this type of interventions. It is done under sedation, so you will not feel any discomfort. Finally, it proceeds to the vitrification of oocytes by entering them in criotop directly in liquid nitrogen for its ultra fast cooling. The survival of the eggs is around 90%, so that you can be sure that you have it in optimum state when you decide to become a mom.

If you want more information do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are here to help you fulfill your desire to be a mother, either now or later.